International Master Competition for Music Teachers
„Międzynarodowy Mistrzowski Konkurs dla Pedagogów Muzyki”

§ 1

The “International Master Competition for Music Teachers” (IMCMT), henceforth called “the Competition”, is organized by the Podkarpackiej Fundacji Rozwoju Kultury (PFRK), henceforth called “the Foundation”, with the support of: the Centre for the Promotion of Culture (Centrum Promocji Kultury) located in the North Prague district of Warsaw, Yamaha Music Europe’s division in Poland, the publisher “ARKADY”, as well as the Centre of Conferences-Education HOTEL BOSS in Warsaw. The of this competition is to raise the qualifications and standards amongst Music Teachers and those who provide Music Education. A good teacher is an active one; one who plays the instrument, one who is able to properly demonstrate any given musical fragment, provide solutions for technical issues as well as showcase the proper use of one’s body at the instrument. The majority of teachers, for a variety of reasons, are unable to continue or realize a career as a soloist, chamber musician, or concert musician. Opportunities to perform on the concert stage, such as those created by organizations such as ours for the benefit of Music Pedagogues, is a chance for teachers to further develop their potential, ultimately benefiting the students they teach and the schools which employ them. Concert opportunities mobilize teachers to further invest time and effort into their craft, prompt self-directed education, and the enhancement of the technical aspects of artistry.
§ 2

1. This project is open to Music Teachers employed by Music Schools and Academies of all levels, provided that they may present documentation of their employment.

2. In order to take part in the Competition, applicants must:

a) Send a complete application form on-line by 31.03.2023 which is found in the following link: 
b) send documents verifying their status as a teacher  to the following e-mail:
c) proof of payment to the following e-mail:

3. Based on the documents sent, each applicant will be assigned to one of the following categories:

a) Category I- verified as working no longer than 5 years
b) Category II- verified as working no longer than 10 years, but no less than 5
c) Category III- verified as working longer than 10 years

4. The Competition is divided into the following categories:

a) Keyboard Instruments
b) String Instruments
c) Woodwind and Brass Instruments
d) Voice
e) Chamber Music of any combination or 4 hands with a student or fellow teacher

5. The last of these categories, “Chamber Music” is considered a single category, regardless the speciality of each individual member

6. Applicants may register to no more than 2 categories, which include:

a) Solo instrument OR voice
b) Chamber Music

7. If the participant is not present to obtain their award at the award ceremony, they are automatically disqualified from said award

§ 3

  • The Competition is planned for 15-17.04.2023
  • There are two ways to participate in the competition, depending on the participant's choice.
    • Direct participation through a live performance on April 15-17th 2023 in Warsaw.
    • Participation via the transmitted audio-video material presenting any program up to 25 minutes.

The digital recording should be sent to the following e-mail address: by 10/04/2023
To send a recording, you can use a file transfer service such as: Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer. The recording can also be uploaded as a link to the video on YouTube.

a) please be aware that the Jury will determine their score based on the choice of the program along with its execution
b) all repertoire is to be performed from memory with the exception of those competing in the Chamber Music Category (Category E)

§ 4

  1. The Schedule determining the order of performance is decided and at the discretion of the Director of the Competition

§ 5

  1. To participate in the competition, it is required that each Applicant to pay a registration fee of 550 PLN or €120 deposited at the following account:
To: Podkarpacka Fundacja Rozwoju Kultury
Address: ul. 3 Maja 15, 38-500 Sanok
For Applicants from Poland:
PEKAO SA nr 77 1240 2340 1111 0010 4476 2062
For International Applicants:
No. of IBAN: PL 91124023401978001048317354              SWIFT/ BIC code: PKOPPLPW
  1. Payment is to be made within 7 works following the submission of one’s application form
  2. In the event that the Applicant resigns:
a) After 31.03.2023, the registration fee will not be refunded
b) Prior to 31.03.2023, the Applicant will be reimbursed the registration fee minus the handling cost of a maximum of 10% the registration fee.

§ 6

  1. Diplomas distributed to each participant may be mailed by post should the need arise
  2. The Jury awards include:
a)     the “Laureate of the International Master Competition for Music Teachers”,
b)     the Distinction of Grand Prix
c)     I-VI prizes in each category
d)     Participation Diplomas
e)     Possible Invitations to perform or take part in; future concerts, Courses, Recordings, Jury committees, seminars, lectures, and Masterclasses
  1. A Contestant may be recommended to win a Prize subsidized by the Foundation of Polish Music (Fundacja Muzyki Polskiej) for the best performance of a work written by a Polish composer.

§ 7

  1. Changes in the Regulations for the Competition are made by the Committee of the Foundation.
  2. Regulations of the Competition are binding once the application form is received and continue to be binding until the conclusion of the Competition or until the application is nullified.